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If you've been wanting to learn to code, then this is a great place to start !

What we do

WisdomPath Academy is a Web Development & Design Training Academy with a vision – that of making the skills and art of creating responsive, smooth, and intuitive websites universally available.

We offer a range of courses providing the technical know-how and design sensibilities students need to be able to meet the ever-growing demand for skilled Web Developers and Interface Designers.

Our team of highly experienced trainers and mentors go the extra mile to make sure our students are fully employable and ready to deliver on client needs.

Course Offerings

Driven by our dynamic and highly committed team, WisdomPath Academy brings with it a vision of making the skills of Web Programming and User Interface Design – which are today more indispensable than ever – available to all.

Each of our trainers and mentors brings with them a formidable amount of experience, and who keep themselves in the know of all the latest technologies and Interface Design trends – so rest assured, you learn that which is truly current and the most sought after.

Our Team

Our highly committed team behind WisdomPath Academy has a vision – that of making Web Programming and Design available to all. Unlike popular perception, Web Design is a skill that can be learnt by anyone – irrespective of prior programming knowledge or experience.

highly accomplished mentors are always available for students – delivering well-rounded and fully updated content through fully hands-on practical sessions – as part of our industry-recognized certificate courses.

Unique Features


Our Team of highly dedicated instructors make for the best mentors to their students, with experience and energy levels to match. Having served an impressive array of clients while working for some of the biggest names in the industry as well as in independent capacity, they go above and beyond to make sure students take with them the most updated and in-demand skills.

Certificate and Digital Public Profile

We are at a time when recruiters are less intent on traditional paper-based qualifications and references, and instead place higher value on demonstrable skills, online portfolios of work, and searchability. Thus, not only do we award an industry-recognised certificate at the end of the course – we also create your very own Digital Public Profile, which will be a centralised repository of all modules and assignments completed during the course, and which can easily be shared with recruiters or potential clients for easy reference.

Job Oriented

We make sure we stay ahead of the curve always, so you can be assured of learning skills that are futureproof, and which will continue being in demand. User Interface Design – for websites as well as mobile apps – was one of the top 5 job roles in 2018, and demand will only continue to grow as more and more companies embrace the importance of design in creating responsive, intuitive web interfaces.

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